“Grief needs a witness” – One year after the first British Covid Death, is it time for a memorial?

On March 5, the BBC reported that a 70-year-old woman in the Royal Berkshire Hospital had become the first Briton to die of COVID-19. Exactly one year – and tens of thousands of lives – it is time for a moment of shared reflection and collective grief.

Give sorrow words: Americans come together to grieve those lost to COVID-19

We join with Americans as they come together to grieve those lost to COVID-19 Today (19th Jan), on the eve of his inauguration, Joe Biden will lead a service for the more than 400,000 American lives lost to the coronavirus. The lighting ceremony beside the reflecting pool at the Lincoln Memorial will culminate with a “nationalContinue reading “Give sorrow words: Americans come together to grieve those lost to COVID-19”

COVID MEMORIAL DAY – Press Release 29.12.20

29 December, 2020 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Global day of remembrance for world’s 1.8 million COVID dead  1st January – On the hour, every hour – A day for people around the world to share their collective & personal grief A year after the COVID-19 hit the world for the first time, people in fiveContinue reading “COVID MEMORIAL DAY – Press Release 29.12.20”

Covid Memorial Day – Press Release 18.01.21

18 January 2021 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Americans come together to remember those lost to COVID-19  19 January – A call to people across the United States to share their individual and collective grief A year after COVID-19 was first identified, people across US and beyond will come together in a day of collective griefContinue reading “Covid Memorial Day – Press Release 18.01.21”